Joker Magic Day 2019.

15th Joker Magic Day 2019

14th April 2019
Venue: Pestújhelyi Közösségi Ház - 1155 Budapest, Szűcs István utca 45. HUNGARY


Between 10.00-17.00 Dealer's Room is open - exclusive discounts!

At 11.00 Golden Magic Wand Competition

At 13.00 TAMÁS BADÁR lecture
- learn from a professional magician! -

He has been doing magic since the early age of 8. He made a name for himself with his original ideas and many Top 3 finishes in domestic and international competitions.  In 2015 he won the Judge's Award in Hungary's Got Talent. In 2016 Forbes chose him among the 30 most succesful young people under 30 years.  Since 2015 he holds sold-out shows in Dumaszínház, Budapest. He became one of the judges in 2018 for "Just a show and nothing else", every episode starting with him showing a magic trick. 

During the lecture he will show tricks that are essential part of his shows, and can be performed very well before live audience or on TV.
His main profile is card magic, but he has some more surprises up his sleeve for the seminar...

At 15.00 Golden Magic Wand Competition

Between 17.00-20.00 
Golden Magic Wand Competition results
Awarding the Golden Magic Wand to the winners

Winner of the Close-up category
Winner of the Stage category
Golden Magic Wand winners of the past 15 years:
Kolos Párkányi (2006, 2007, 2008)
Tamás Badár (2011, 2012)
Roland Tóth (2017, 2018)
János Tóth (2006)
László Pál (2007)
Zsolt Kühne (2009)
András Csirmaz (2009)
Sándor Galambos (2011)
István Szabó (2014)
Tamás Tóth (2014)
Marcell Juhász (2015)
Tibor Szűcs (2016)

Norbert Grünwald (2018)
Announcer: János Habók (2005)
(We reserve the right for change of schedule!)

Ticket Prices:
Daily Pass
17 € (until 15th March 2019.)
20  (after 15th March 2019.)
Gala Ticket
Tickets avilable at:
-  Joker Magic Shop 
   1073 Bp., Erzsébet krt. 16. (tel.: 06 1 950 9400)
-  via our webshop 
-  at the venue in limited number


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