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U.S. Playing Card Company Bee Diamondback playing cards

Product number: 0413
Manufacturer: U.S. Playing Card Company »
Measure: pcs
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Brief description: A top quality deck from the United States, casinos use these cards because of their outstanding quality and unique back design.

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Bee cards are a real casino brand. These decks are made in the United States of America since 1892, hence the number "92" on the Ace of Spades.
The cards have a diamond patterned back, without a white border.

The cards are sealed with the Cambric finish, which make the cards feel softer as the other decks. This special finish enables us to bend the cards a little further without damaging them. It also absorbs a lot of stress from the cards, making them better suited for shuffles as any toher decks.

The cards are poker size.

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