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Joker Magic Time Stopper Deluxe

Product number: 1467
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
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Make time stop!


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Brief description: The magician - if only for a few seconds - makes time stop! The ball doesn't fall out of the device, only after a few seconds passed!

Product details

The magician shows the spectators an elegant, walnut wood covered device with neon green plexiglass inlays and a clock on one of the sides, and a red ball.
He asks a spectator to name a number between one and ten. Let's say the spectator says five.
The magician turns the dials of the clock to five, then drops the ball into the device. The ball doesn't fall out on the bottom!
He then points at his watch (tilting the device upside down in the process, and starts counting the seconds: 1-2-3-4-5. The ball still doesn't fall out of the device!
After the five seconds have passed, the magician turns the device back to its original direction, and now the ball fall out on the bottom!
"I did it! I stopped time for five seconds! I hope one day I can stop time for years even, as this is just a prototype. It only works for its owner, you can go ahead an check for yourselves!"
The spectators can turn the dial on the clock, examine the device, the ball fall through unobstructed everytime they try it.

The trick comes with English video explanation.

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