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Joker Magic Framed

Product number: 1322
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
Measure: pcs
A unique prediction in a beautiful frame!


Brief description: The magician's prediction turns into the card selected by the spectator, contained in an elegant, wooden frame, which can be handed out right after the performance.

Product details

The magician shows the spectators an empty black velvet bag and a framed prediction card (10 of spades for example), which is sealed between two plexiglass sheets.
He puts the prediction into the bag and puts them on the table, fully in sight of the spectators. He then shows a deck of cards to the audience, all the cards being the 10 of spades. 
"I just want to make sure the tricks succeeds!" - he explaines.
Ha asks one of the spectators to draw a card "fully free" and hold it close to her.
The magician takes the framed prediction out of the bag and he turns it face up, together with the spectator's chosen card.
Both the selected and and the prediction transformed into the 4 of diamonds!
The spectators can inspect the framed prediction right away, the 4 of diamonds can't be removed from its frame!

The pack contains:
- a black velvet bag
- the prediction in a wooden frame
- an elegant support for the frame
- a special deck of cards

(All sets contain a different predicted card)

All of our wooden premium line roducts are manufactured "hand-friendly", which means there are no sharp edges or corners, it feels great to hold these tricks in the hand!
These items are manufactured with care and precision, and several layers of varnish gives the durability and satin feel that makes the performance a delight for the magician.
The trick is suppplied with a black velvet bag, this little accessory gives a lot to the elegance of your performance!

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