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Joker Magic MagiCube

Product number: 1136
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
Measure: pcs
A brand new Rubik's cube transposition!


Brief description: A Rubik's cube wanders from one bag to the other, multiplies, or appears from an empty bag.

Product details

In the pack you will find a special gimmicked cube, a normal Rubik's cube, two durable gift bags for the routines, and two extra sets of stickers for the cubes.

You will learn the following tricks from our video instructions:

  • Rubik's cube transposition from one bag to the other
  • Multiplying Rubik's cube
  • Appearing Rubik's cubes from an empty bag
All are very easy to do and can be learnt quickly.

Comes with online video instructions in English and/or Hungarian.

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