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Joker Magic Time Stopper + DVD

Product number: 0245
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
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Stop time with this device!


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Brief description: The magician stops time, if only for a few brief seconds: a ball thrown into the tube will only fall through after a few seconds.

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The magician shows the audience a black tube and a red ball. He asks a member of the audience to pick a number between one and ten. Let's say the spectator picks five.
The magician pushes the button on the tube five times and then drops the ball into it. The ball does not come out the other side!
The magician points to his watch (turning the tube upside-down as he does so), and counts out the seconds:

1-2-3-4-5. The ball still does not come out of the tube!
After the 5 seconds is up, he turns the tube back to its' starting position and the ball falls out from the bottom of the tube!
”I have succeeded in stopping time for five seconds! You see, it really works! I hope someday I'll be able to stop time for a period of years! After all, this is just a prototype. The device will only work for its' owner, so feel free to try it out!”

Members of the audience can press the button as much as they like, but the ball will simply fall through the tube and immediately come out the other side. The interior of the tube is completely empty!

An improved version of Robert E. Neale's Confetti Trick.

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