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Joker Magic Sharpie Wonder

Product number: 0236
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
Measure: pcs
One Sharpie, ten tricks!


Brief description: Astonishing tricks with a single Sharpie pen.

Product details

Video demo:

With this Sharpie pen you can perform 10 tricks.
It is examinable and you can also sign a card with it in the end!

Routines with the sharpie:
  • turns around
  • wandering cup
  • buckling
  • going thru hand
  • wanishing
  • appearing
  • shrinking
  • mini Sharpie disappearing
  • golf ball appears from the cup

Most of the tricks are almost automatic, the rest can be learned in minutes!
A specially designed and manufactured gimmick with endless possibilities!

The pack includes:
  • code for video explanation
  • specially designed Sharpie
  • exclusively developed mini Sharpie

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