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Joker Magic Hole in 1 Golf Illusion + DVD

Product number: 0235
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
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A must-have trick for golfers!


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Brief description: The "golf-cube" turns into a real golf ball inside a black box. Now all you need is a green, which the magician conjures right away.

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The magician tells the audience that he will now demonstrate a revolutionary new method of teaching golf.

From a black box held in his hand he removes a "golf cube” which is "for beginner golfers”. 
"The task is easy – all you have to do is get the cube into the hole” (the empty black box).  
"You need to practice it until you get a hole in one!"
He places the "golf cube” into the black box where it immediately turns into a golf ball! 

"This is the advanced level. To play golf you need a green!”
A green cube appears from the black box.

The final surprise: everything can be examined immediately.

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