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Joker Magic Giant Cube Illusion

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An original Joker Magic stage illusion!


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Brief description: An orange dotted cube turns into an orange ball, which then turns into a jumbo die.

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Instant and easy illusion for parlor or stage show. 

The magician shows an empty black jumbo box and a solid jumbo cube that has orange dots painted on it.

He places the jumbo cube into the black box.
With magical snap with the fingers, the jumbo cube changes into a large orange ball, which matches the color painted on the cube.
Now, he covers the box with its lid, so it is completely sealed.
With another magical finger snap, a solid jumbo die appears from the empty box!

All props are examinable.

You can combine this trick with the Transforming Cube.

With online video instruction.

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Questions and answers

Ben Zvi message:
2019-08-15 23:38
Joker Magic Giant Cube Illusion RED BALL -
Hi, I love Joker magic and use your effects in my magic show daily!
I am using the Joker Magic Giant Cube with the Transforming Cube of which I have two.
I bought all of my Joker Magic from Penguin.
My question is: I would like to buy TWO MORE orange balls. Is there a way that you could sell them to me? Thanks so much!