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Joker Magic Chinese Set

Product number: 0172
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
Measure: pcs
Four beautiful Chinese coins appear from nowhere!


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Brief description: Four Chinese coins appear between two cards, one by one.

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The magician holds two cards in his hands face down, then he asks the spectator to name two cards.
"So, what are the two cards you pictured in your mind?" ............. "And they match."
He shows the two cards in his hands, which have Chinese symbols on them.

After this, the magician makes four Chinese coins appear from between the two cards. 

Before each coin's appearance the magician shows both sides of both of the cards.

The fantastic effect can even be taken further with making a giant Chinese coin appear as a pinnacle (in case you already have one).

Bonus Routine:
Coin Multiplication

The Magician shows the audience a Chinese coin in his left hand. He puts the coin in his pocket with his right hand. 
Then he snaps with his fingers and the coin reappears in his left hand. After he puts the Chinese coin in his pocket for the third time, he asks the question: 
“What is this trick good for? One Dollar!" 
And he shows his left hand in which a silver dollar has appeared. 
He immediately hands out the dollar coin for the spectators to examine.


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