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Joker Magic Inexhaustible Case of Cards (Made from Bicycle cards)

Product number: 0160
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
Measure: pcs
It's strange how many things can fit into a card case...


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Brief description: The magician takes a deck of cards out of their case, the spectator picks a card. From the empty card case the magician produces another, miniature card case, which holds the spectator's chosen card.

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The magician takes the cards out from their case and places the deck onto the table where it can be seen clearly.

He produces a credit card. He then riffles through the deck, stops where a spectator tell him, and inserts the credit card halfway into the deck.
He turns the deck over face up and spreads out the cards to show which card is next to the credit card (inserted as directed by a member of the audience). The assistant has chosen the 8 of clubs.

The magician picks up the case again, opens it, and tips out a small box of cards onto the table.
This is a miracle since nothing more could possibly have fit in the case. The small case, however, obviously comes from within the normal case.

The magician opens the small case and takes out a card that has been folded into quarters, and it is the 8 of clubs! The normal deck of cards can immediately be examined to show that the 8 of clubs has indeed vanished from it.

In the package you receive a special case for poker sized Bicycle cards, a mini card case and a credit card.

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