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Joker Magic Wandering CD

Product number: 0144
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
Measure: pcs
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Brief description: A CD wanders in a plastic case back and forth, then disappears completely.

Product details

The magician shows a real CD to the audience and places it into the left side of a plastic case. The CD then disappears from the case.
Of course the audience believes that they know the trick: the CD simply rolls from one side to the other since this is clearly visible through the transparent strip in the center of the case.
Then comes the surprise:
The magician opens both doors of the plastic case and it is completely empty.
The magician then produces the CD from his pocket.

This trick does not require practice or slight of hand.
It is appropriate for use in both informal and stage appearances, in front of children or adults.

There is no preparation required, and the presentation can be observed from any angle.

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