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Joker Magic Magical Chips

Product number: 0143
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
Measure: pcs
You can never know which chip hides where!


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Brief description: The chips wander between the magician's hands and pockets.

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The magician asks members of the audience to examine three chips: a red one, a silver one, and a black one with a hole in it.
From the chips held in his left hand he places the red and the black into his pocket.
He then says, "Now what is left in my left hand? No, not the silver, but the red and the black. The silver chip is here in my pocket!" He then produces the silver chip from his pocket.

The same result is achieved when he puts the silver chip into his right hand. Defying all logic, the silver chip is left in his left hand, and his right hand contains the red and the black chips.
An unlimited number of similar tricks can be performed with these chips, all of which can be examined both before and after the performance.

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