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Joker Magic Wandering Silk

Product number: 0107
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
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The silk appears everywhere!


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Brief description: A silk wanders between the two ends of a plastic board. When the spectators think they figured the trick out comes the surprise: the silk jumps to the middle.

Product details

The magician shows the audience a colored plastic board, one end is red, the other green.
He threads a silk handkerchief into the hole at the red end.
He then hides the board behind his back for a second, and when he brings it out and shows it to the audience, the silk has wandered to the other end of the board!
He repeats the trick, but this time the silk will be threaded through the hole at the green end of the board. 
After the trick has been repeated several times, the audience will know how the trick is done - the magician simply turns the board around behind his back! 
Or is it that simple?
Now comes the really fun part: the silk has moved from the right to the left side, and it has moved from the red end to the green one. This time, however, it will appear in the middle, baffling the members of the audience who had thought that they had figured the trick out.

The package includes the silk as well.

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