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Joker Magic Silk - Cube (With 3 routines)

Product number: 0104
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
Measure: pcs
Three tricks in a box!


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Brief description: A silk transforms into a colorful cube, two other routines included.

Product details

 I. Silk - Cube

The magician shows the audience a cube and a silk.
He squeezes the silk into his hand, the cube goes into his pocket.
Amazingly, the cube is in his hand (instead of the silk) and the silk comes out from his pocket! 
Everything can immediately be examined.

II. Silk to Cube

The magician shows that he has a silk in his hands and stuffs them into his fist.
Now comes the surprise – the silk has changed into a colored cube!
The cube can immediately be examined.

III. Sponge Ball -  Cube

The magician shows a sponge ball to the audience and cuts it in half with his finger!
By this time two sponge balls can be seen. 
The magician puts the sponge balls to his fist one by one and squeezes them into one piece which becomes a cube. 

The cube can immediately be examined.

Extra equipment needed (not included in the pack): 
two sponge balls (4 cm, 1 ½” diameter)

The box contains: 
2 silks, 2 cubes, color instructions

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