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Joker Magic Chameleon Deck (Made from Bicycle cards)

Product number: 0086
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
Measure: pcs
The deck changes color as a real chameleon!


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Brief description: The front and the back of the deck changes, then at the end of the trick all turns back to normal.

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The performer riffles a deck of cards with red backs.
The upper and the lower cards are removed and a strange thing happens: all cards of the deck will turn to be the same (e.g. King of hearts).
To enhance the effect, the backs of the cards change to blue.
It is real magic: both sides of the cards have changed!

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Questions and answers

Steve Sabo message:
2020-04-19 00:53
Szia Varnzsol Czili Cyula,
Nagyon jó volt veled találkozni Las Vegasban.
Megszerezhetem ezt az Ász-ban Ászban?

It was nice meeting you in Las Vegas.
Can I get this in Ace of Spades?

Steve Sabo (I am Hungarian American!)
Arroyo Grande, California United States