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Joker Magic Sensational Chips

Product number: 0078
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
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An advanced close-up act which makes your audience gasp!


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Brief description: Two red and two black chips wander in the hands of the magician.

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This is an advanced close-up trick which needs a lot of practice but as a result you will have the most fantastic effects.

The magician puts four chips on the table in the following order: red, black, red and black.
He shows both sides of the chips, then he takes the red ones in his right hand and the black ones in his left.
He clenches his fists for a second and when he opens them, there is only one of each colors in his hands.

He puts the chips on the table again: red, black, red and black.
He takes one of each color in his hands and at the same time he shows both sides of the chips.
He clenches his fists for a second, when he opens them again, there is a pair of red chips in one hand and a pair of black chips in the other.

To finish the act, the magician puts all four chips in his left hand and pushes them through the table. He collects the chips in his right hand under the table.

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