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Joker Magic One, Two, Three, 4

Product number: 0057
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
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A brand new multiplication!


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Brief description: One, two, then three sponge tokens appear in the spectator's hand, then as the pinnacle a sponge number 4 is shown.

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The magician puts a sponge token into the hand of the spectator who then clenches his fist.
Then the performer touches the spectator's hand with another sponge chip and as a result the token doubles in his hand.
Then the spectator gets two sponge tokens and there will be three in his fist after a magic tap of the magician.
In the end three sponge chips are placed into the spectator's hand and the magician asks the spectator how many tokens he believes will appear in his hand. He guesses four of course.
Another magic gesture and when the spectator opens his fist, a big number 4 appears made from sponge!

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