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Joker Magic Telepathic Cut - 20 pieces

Product number: 0025
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
Measure: pcs
A perfect cut!


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Brief description: The spectator cuts aa slip of paper exactly at the number which matches the card he picked.

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The performer puts an envelope and a pair of scissors on the table, then selects a card from the deck. The spectator will have to remember the number of the card only.
The card is then put back and the deck is shuffled.
The spectator is requested to cut the envelope along any line but he should be careful because later on no changes are possible.
After the spectator has cut the envelope into two halves, the magician takes out its content and shows them.
There was a slip of paper inside the envelope with numbers on it.
The spectator just cut the slip at the number which
 matches the number of the selected card!

In the end, the cards are handed out to be examined by the spectators.

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