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Joker Magic Jumbo Chinese Coin Color Change

Product number: 0016
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
Measure: pcs
One coin, three colors!


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Brief description: A black jumbo chinese coin turns red, then blue. Everything can be examined immediately.

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Basic routine:
The magician shows the spectators a black jumbo Chinese coin.
He covers the coin with a jumbo card.
As he takes the card away the coin turned red!
After covering it again, the coin changes its color again to blue!
Everything can be examined immediately.

Professional routine: 
The magician shows both sides of the black jumbo Chinese coin he is holding in his hand. 
He rubs the coin held in his hand, and both sides of it turn red. 
After rubbing it again, both sides of the coin have become blue!
The audience can examine the coin right away. 

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