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Joker Magic Color Changing Pyramid

Product number: 0015
Manufacturer: Joker Magic »
Measure: pcs
One pyramid, three colors, lots of silks!


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Brief description: The magician pulls out silks according to the color of the pyramid. As the silks change color, so does the pyramid!

Product details

The magician shows the audience a flat pyramid. 
One side is yellow, the other red. 
He folds up the panels to create a yellow pyramid, and then pulls out lots of yellow silks one by one.
Now the magician flattens the pyramid, creates a new red pyramid, and proceeds to pull out a lot of red silks.
Surprisingly the last silk is blue, so he unfolds the pyramid and shows that its color has turned to blue!

The pyramid folds into a small flat triangle for easy transportation and will baffle even the most professional magicians!

In the pack you get the special pyramid, no silks are supplied with the gimmick.

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