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Jay Sankey Flatline by Jay Sankey (DVD + Gimmick)

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As if the magician had superpowers!
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Brief description: The end of the magician's Sharpie turns flat inside a folded card, banknote, etc.

Product details

Video demo: Flatline

Comes complete with: 

  • 56-minute instructional DVD
  • Very special Sharpie brand marker (each hand-crafted by world famous magic maker Roy Kueppers)
  • Matching Sharpie brand marker

The instructional DVD features a variety of presentations with borrowed dollar bills, playing cards, paper napkins, business cards and more! 

A show-stopping 'Card Stab' routine is also included, with two spectators discovering they are thinking of the same card! 

Includes five amazing bonus tricks! 

Learn the secrets to 'splitting' one marker into three. Looks amazing. Great for close-up and stand-up performances. 

Convince people you have psychic powers by first 'sending a thought,' and then 'receiving a thought.' 

3 - I.Q.TEST
After drawing a black dot on a playing card with a marker, for just a few moments the dot becomes a real hole and the performer can even slip the marker through the hole! To finish, the hole transforms back into a drawn black dot. 

No matter how hard they try, nobody can remove the cap from the marker! (Perfect for hecklers and know-it-all's.) 

After a wooden toothpick is closely examined, the magician crunches it between his teeth and swallows it. The toothpick then mysteriously appears in the middle of the pack...stuck through the selected card!  

Please note, because each gimmick is hand-crafted, no twolook exactly alike. Some of the squashed ends of the FLATLINE gimmicks are a tinybit rounder, others are a tiny bit flatter, etc.

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