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Bicycle Bicycle Rider Back Standard decks - Duopack (1 red + 1 blue)

Product number: 1281
Manufacturer: Bicycle »
Measure: pcs
The standard Bicycle decks together, for a bargain!


Brief description: A great quality, durable deck of cards, the most popular brand among magicians.

Product details

The Bicycle brand is the leading name not only among magicians, but for home card games as well. 

All Bicycle card are made using the Air-Cushion Finish, the trademark finish for this brand.
If you open a new deck, you can notice the cards stacked by tens, divided with small "spaces". This is the Air Cushion, this gives the cards the extra spring when you shuffle them or perform your magic tricks.

The duopack contains one red and one blue backed deck of Bicycle cards, which is the exact same quality as the Bicycle Rider Back Standard Gold cards, only the tuck case is different.

The decks are made in the United States of America.

The cards are poker size.

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