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Super Prediction

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A super prediction indeed!


Brief description: Four cards, three amazing punches, the queen selevted by the spectator is the only one turned around between the others, its back is different from the others, and all of them are blank!

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Video demo: Super Prediction

The magician holds 4 cards and asks a spectator to select a Queen. Incredibly, the Queen selected by the spectator is the only one face up among the others.

The selected Queen is now turned over and seen to be the only one with a different colored back!

But as if all this was not enough, the selected Queen is the only card that is printed as the others are shown to be completely blank!

Four cards, three stunning punches!

• Super easy to do.
• Printed By the USPCC on Bicycle cards.
• The cards are poker size. With the necessary is supplied to repeat the trick with different outcomes!

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