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Magnetic (PK) Ring

Product number: 0689
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One of the favorite secret gimmicks use by magicians and mentalists!


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Brief description: A little gimmick that helps you elevate your routines to a whole new level!

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Video demo: PK Ring

Effect 1
The magician shows a 5 Euro cents coin in one hand and a closed empty glass bottle in the other. In an instant, simply by hitting the glass with the coin, it mysteriously ends  up inside the bottle.
Effect 2
The magician opens a box of matches and from the drawer he takes 1 Euro coin. He closes the box and places the coin on top. Magically the coin penetrates the cover of the box ending up inside it.
• These are just a few of the possible effects with this fantastic tool. You'll find them both explained in the instructions together with a bonus third effect.
•Available in different sizes.

In the video, various effects are shown, we supply you just with the gimmick shown in the photo.


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