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The Ultimate Wow

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Is this you chosen card? What about this one? Then... this one?


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Brief description: The card changes to an indifferent card in fron the of the spectator's eyes, then changes into his chosen card.

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Video demo: Ultimate Wow

A spectator selects a card from a deck and signs its face. The cards is then shuffled back into the deck. Now the magician puts one card in a transparent card holder. The spectator can clearly see the face of this card, that is not his selection. With just a little shake of the card case, the card visibly morphs into another card… but it is not the spectator’s card. Just another slight shake of the case, and this time the card visibly changes into the spectator’s signed selection that is immediately taken out of the transparent case and handed back to the spectator as a souvenir.

An ultra visible double change that will leave your spectators without words!

• A miracle that fits inside your pocket and that you will never leave home without.

• A simple effect, ideal to bewilder any type of spectator.

• The case measures cm 7, 7 (3, 03”) x 10, 7 (4, 21”).

The video and photo show the effect, but you may receive the item with different value cards than the ones shown.

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