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Sword Through Neck Deluxe

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Sword through neck, without a fatal wound!


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Brief description: The magician places a collar around the spectator's neck and stabs a sword through it. Of course, the spectator lives, and doesn't sustain any wounds!

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Video demo: Sword Through Neck Deluxe

Leave everybody without breath! Take a wooden collar, place a balloon in it, pass a sharp sword through the collar to pop the balloon and prove that the sword is stiff and it is really going through the collar.
Now place the collar around the neck of your spectators and make the sword go through his neck... From side to side!

This version of the Sword through neck presents a wooden collar, a simple detail which makes the difference.
In fact, the item looks more medieval and is ideal for performances in costume.

• The items is supplied complete with the collar, the sword and its case.

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