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Joker Magic Let's Swap a Card! (0583)

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Joker Magic Let's Swap a Card!
A surprising card swap!
5 €

The spectator and the magician takes a card at random from the cards held behind their backs. In the end, they will show the same cards.

Joker Magic Let's Swap a Card! specifications

Video demo:

Some cards are shuffled, separated in two face down piles and one pile is handed to a spectator.
Both the magician and the spectator put their respective piles behind their backs, freely choose a card, and then swap  them.
These cards are put back in the center of the respective piles upside down.
When the two piles are fanned, the chosen  cards turn out to be exactly the same! Just when the audience starts to believe that all the cards must be the same,  the two piles are turned face up and the cards are shown to be the same… but all different from the two selections!•

Easy to do, sets up in seconds, does not need a table.

Perfect for your card magic performances, and really practical for street magic.
Bicycle poker size cards supplied. The value of the cards, their color, and the color of the backs can differ from the ones seen in the video.

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