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Joker Magic Mystic Wand (0102)

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Joker Magic Mystic Wand
A clever little wand coloring!
20 €

The magician pushes a small black magic wand through a cube. The wand gets smaller, then regains its original length as it comes out of the other side, but now it changed color and now is red.

Joker Magic Mystic Wand specifications

The magician shows the audience a small black magic wand and a large cube. 
In the middle of the cube there is a hole just big enough that the wand can be pushed through it.
The magician does so, and the wand is getting smaller and smaller, almost completely disappearing into the cube. 
Wait a minute, now it's coming out of the other side of the cube, but it has changed color!

Everything can be examined immediately.

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