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The fabulous egg (1394)

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 The fabulous egg
Careful, don't break the egg!

A simple, yet impactful and funny pocket trick, with a funny ending with the help of the spectator!

The fabulous egg specifications

Video of the trick: The fabulous egg

Some cards are shown: three are blank and one has the drawing of an egg. This card is turned on its back on the table, and the others are placed under. The magician gives a tap on the egg that magically appears under the table. The card above, however, is turned and has become blank. The thing is repeated twice and on the last attempt, a spectator will help him. He will give some small strokes on the egg, but he will not be able to make it pass through the table. At the end after several attempts the card is turned over and the egg... will be crushed! Everything can be examined. This beautiful game has been designed by Fabrizio Vernola.

Very easy to do.
You can always take it with you.
The cards are poker size.

Comes with English instructions.